Webb pierce - the good lord giveth / send my love to me

For many, Pierce, with his flamboyant Nudie suits and twin silver dollar-lined convertibles, became the most recognizable face of country music of the era and its excesses. [1] Pierce was a one-time member of the Grand Ole Opry and was posthumously inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame . A tribute album in his honor (produced by singer/songwriter Gail Davies ) was released in 2001 entitled Caught In The Webb - A Tribute To Country Legend Webb Pierce .

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The back cover of Fuel 2000's Honky-Tonk Hero trumpets the chart position of each of the 15 songs on the collection: "Back Street Affair" (number one country); "In the Jailhouse Now" (number one country); "Wondering" (number one country). Too bad that the chart position, in all but two cases, refers to versions not heard on this collection. Webb Pierce did have a remarkable string of chart-topping country hits, but those were cut for Decca. The versions here are remakes Pierce cut in the mid-'70s for Plantation Records, a fact buried until the very end of Bill Dahl 's typically fine liner notes (in fact, the liners are better than this deserves). These remakes aren't bad, necessarily -- they're professional, well-recorded, and Pierce is in good voice -- but they don't hold a candle to the originals, a comparison that can't help but be made because so many of the cuts closely adhere to original arrangements, thereby increasing the feeling that this is a bit of a scam. What is noteworthy are the two exceptions -- two largely unheard singles for Plantation that barely scraped the charts in the mid-'70s. Of the two, "The Good Lord Giveth (& Uncle Sam Taketh Away)," is the lost gem, thanks to its post-psychedelic country production, swirling fuzz-tone guitars, and funny lyrics, but the loping Tex-Mex beat of "I've Got Leaving on My Mind" (mildly reminiscent of Doug Sahm ) is also nice to hear. These two songs aren't found elsewhere and suggest that Pierce 's '70s recordings, while surely tied to the times, would be worth excavating on a real reissue, which this certainly isn't, but it's hard not to wish it was.

Webb Pierce - The Good Lord Giveth / Send My Love To MeWebb Pierce - The Good Lord Giveth / Send My Love To MeWebb Pierce - The Good Lord Giveth / Send My Love To MeWebb Pierce - The Good Lord Giveth / Send My Love To Me