Glass animals - pork soda

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[4] Going, et al. (1990) found that weddellite (calcium oxalate) crystals are present in calcifications found in the breast tissue of patients with breast cancer. Calcium oxalate crystals are formed when calcium binds with oxalic acid. Oxalic acid is a mycotoxin that can be produced by a number of different fungal species. Some fungi produce such large amounts of oxalic acid that they are used for commercial production of chemicals. Aspergillus niger fungal infection in human lungs produces large amounts of oxalic acid.

Then to Warpaint, for an enthralling set, and The Kills on the main stage ahead of the long-awaited, two and a half hour marathon that is Foo Fighters’ headline show. 

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Are the short ribs very sweet from the maple syrup? I’m asking because I want to make just the short ribs as a main dish for dinner (and leftovers for breakfast, of course).

Glass Animals - Pork SodaGlass Animals - Pork SodaGlass Animals - Pork SodaGlass Animals - Pork Soda