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Lea Michele spent Halloween on the couch watching scary movies with a takeaway pizza. But you won’t find any cheese in her fridge. “I keep my home completely vegan, which I think is one of the most important things,” The Mayor actress told Us Weekly at a recent ABC event. “If you keep your home […]

And speaking of Miu Miu, the campaign for the brand’s Scenique sunglasses just got a new spokeswoman … and it’s none other than the latest supermodel on the come-up, Cindy Crawford ‘s genetically blessed daughter, Kaia Gerber . If you aren’t already totally exhausted by all these thrilling announcements, make sure to check out the 14-year-old slowly walk around and touch everything in the short film above.

December 21, 2017

I know I already wrote about the former A+ list tweener actor turned A- list adult actor who loves his makeup. I have to say though, someone was up close to him yesterday and said it was kind of strange because he was sweating so much, the makeup was running and looked awful. Plus, it also looks like he has just botoxed and juvidermed the heck out of his face.

Zac Efron

In 1978, reports regarding widespread abuse and human rights violations in Jonestown among the Peoples Temple , led by cult leader Jim Jones , began to filter out of the organization's Guyana enclaves. Ryan was friends with the father of former Temple Member Bob Houston, whose mutilated body was found near train tracks on October 5, 1976, three days after a taped telephone conversation with Houston's ex-wife in which leaving the Temple was discussed. [23] Ryan's interest was further aroused by the custody battle between the leader of a "Concerned Relatives" group, Timothy Stoen , and Jones following a Congressional "white paper" written by Stoen detailing the events. [24] [25] Ryan was one of 91 Congressmen to write Guyanese Prime Minister Forbes Burnham on Stoen's behalf. [23] [24]

Remember, it may still take several weeks or months before your newborn figures out that she has her days and nights confused. Until then, our best advice is to relax and sleep whenever you can. Enjoy your sweet quiet moments together at night and remember that it won't be like this again. Well... at least until she turns 16 and starts pushing her curfew.

Gosling also struggled to keep a straight face when he plays a criminal that tries to convince a giant anthropomorphic chicken (played by Aidy Bryant) that he loves her, so she will cover for him when the cops come looking for him. Halfway through the surreal sketch, Gosling breaks, cracking up at the sheer absurdity:

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Ad Ryan - Day & NightAd Ryan - Day & NightAd Ryan - Day & NightAd Ryan - Day & Night