Norma isaacs - christmas time

Note that a number of prominent figures, such as Madonna , Demi Moore , have recently become followers of a "new age" version of Kabbalah , derived from the body of Jewish mystical teaching also called Kabbalah, but do not consider themselves – and are not considered – Jewish. [1]

Make sure you take your vitamins to prepare for a wonderful day, long and exciting, on Saturday starting at 10 . being held at the Gelston House and La Vita Restaurant across the street in a series of seminars that will be held until 1 . At 10 . you have a choice of Festival Alumni Success Stories, Marionette Magic and Dramaturgy 101, at 11 . the selections are The Life of a Child Actor, Marionette Magic and The State of the NEA while at noon you can pick from The Music Man: David Krane, The Business of Show: How to Produce Commercially and Show and Tell. From 1-2:30 ., the Scherer Library will show the movie “On the Town” to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Leonard Bernstein’s birth.

Norma Isaacs - Christmas TimeNorma Isaacs - Christmas TimeNorma Isaacs - Christmas TimeNorma Isaacs - Christmas Time