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The whole band played great throughout, especially given the expediency of the recording sessions. Standouts, however, include Bobby Berge’s drums, which were augmented by remarkable production sound, and Norma Jean Bell’s outstanding sax work on tracks such as “Gypsy Soul,” where her solo perfect that it’s easy to hum along with after hearing it only a few times. There are loads of great guitar from Tommy, including the absolutely remarkable solo in “You Told Me That You Loved Me,” which starts out with a melody that would make George Gershwin proud and then races through twists and turns that only an advanced player can attempt, taking the listener on a thrilling journey in the space of a minute.

Let’s go back to 1970. What was it like inside Criteria Studios? Lots of fans have heard the jams, but even on the bootlegs, there’s no studio chatter. Was the mood super-serious and focused even between takes? You were all pretty young; did you ever cut up a bit?

 · Yes. Like in the Jimi: All Is by My Side movie, the true story confirms that Jimi requested to jam with Eric Clapton at a Cream concert. Eric and the band ...

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Early 1960s surf music, however, was what really pushed electric guitars to the forefront of popular music in an as-yet unheard way. Surf music was a youthful Southern California phenomenon, and Fender was a youthful Southern California company that made well built and eminently affordable guitars right where and when the action was happening. With hindsight, it seems like it should’ve been no surprise that Fender guitars naturally became the surf guitars. In fact though, this did come as a surprise to Fender, and a happy one at that—the development boded especially well for the previously mis-targeted Jazzmaster and its somewhat struggling predecessor, the Stratocaster.

Boss DD-3 Digital Delay
Debut: 1986
This ultra-popular digital pedal gave guitarists far greater sonic flexibility than was possible with analog technology. Clear sounding, quiet, and delivering up to 800ms of delay, the DD-3 was an immediate hit. Features include dual outputs and a handy hold function that will loop a delayed part infinitely.

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Eric Clapton Get Plugged InEric Clapton Get Plugged InEric Clapton Get Plugged InEric Clapton Get Plugged In