Wet dream asphyxiation blue velvet: volume seven

The White Album , at Richard Telles, Mid-Wilshire. Group show curated by Gladys-Katherina Hernando feat. nineteen LA artists. Works in painting, video, sculpture, and performance evoke the search for the transcendental in California— exploring ideas of alchemy, animism, vitalism, magic, corporeal transformation, and wonder. Through Aug 16

  • There Is No Beginning, There Is No End,  at MATA, Mid-City. Group show with works by Nina Hartmann, Suzy Poling, Reuben Sawyer, & Christopher Reid Martin. Through Aug 20
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    Wet Dream Asphyxiation Blue Velvet: Volume SevenWet Dream Asphyxiation Blue Velvet: Volume SevenWet Dream Asphyxiation Blue Velvet: Volume Seven