The mcdonald sisters - i've got confidence

Steve begins to develop feelings for ex-girlfriend, Michelle Connor ( Kym Marsh ), and doesn't believe Tracy when she complains that she's ill until she is hospitalised, after collapsing from kidney failure. She tells Steve she still loves him and begs him to stay by her bedside until she wakes up from her sleep. Steve reluctantly does but after helping Michelle deal with Ryan, they share a kiss, unaware that Amy has seen them. Michelle urges Steve to tell Tracy the truth, but he only tells her that he wants to live life on his own. Deirdre came out and furiously told Tracy everything: the kiss and making Amy promise not to say anything, and Tracy is heartbroken. The next day, Steve explained everything to Tracy, saying that nothing has changed between them and he loves Michelle. Tracy tells Steve he's being a fool, but all she got back was an apology for not being honest with her earlier. Steve and Michelle move into 4b Victoria September 2013, Stella puts The Rovers up for sale, and Steve decides to put an offer down to cheer up Michelle, who is down in the dumps at the moment. Although she is angry that he kept it a secret, she eventually comes round to the idea of being the landlady, and is given a 50% share of the place. When Liz returns, she is given the role of assistant manager and is seen behind the bar more often than Steve and Michelle. The reason for this is that Steve still has his taxi-firm business, StreetCars and is struggling to cope with running two businesses. Michelle advise Steve to sell his share of the taxi-firm to his friend and current business partner, Lloyd, which he agrees to.

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Maurice McDonald died from heart failure in Riverside, California , on December 11, 1971, at the age of 69. He was buried at the Desert Memorial Park , in Cathedral City, California . [7]

     Growing up as the youngest of five sisters often put me in a mood. There was the time my family took a beach vacation in Florida. I had to stay home with my crazy aunt. I didn’t set eyes on the ocean until I was a teenager! Then there was the time we went to Washington . My sisters got to take a tour of the White House, but I was too young to go. I stayed home and thought up the Rubber Hand trick (as Judy does to Stink) to play on my sisters! And let's not forget when my mom made pilgrim costumes for Halloween. With four older sisters, those costumes got passed down to me year after year after year. “BOR-ing!” as Judy Moody would say. So, guess what? I wrote a book about it for beginning readers! See Ant and Honey Bee: A Pair of Friends at Halloween (coming Summer 2010 from Candlewick Press).

"I give thanks we have been able to come to that place, because many people are not able to get past individual egos. We were able to get up out of ourselves and see the bigger picture - and she (Kailani) is the bigger picture, and her happiness is all that matters to both of us. She knows that no matter what happens, her mommy and her daddy love her more than anything in the world. That really is how we shield her and protect her - with the security that both of us love her dearly. I feel confident that we will continue to grow and transform from where we are right now. Hopefully, one day we can be really good friends, where we can look back and say things didn't work out the way we wanted them to work out, but we have this beautiful daughter and she is a gift and a miracle to us and the world."

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The McDonald Sisters - I've Got ConfidenceThe McDonald Sisters - I've Got ConfidenceThe McDonald Sisters - I've Got ConfidenceThe McDonald Sisters - I've Got Confidence