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In addition to this work with The Neptunes, Coldchain has worked with artists like The Clipse, DJ Premier, Havoc of Mobb Deep and others.

[Produced by The Neptunes]

[Hook: Rosco P. Coldchain/Pharrell Williams]
Hey 'Rell this beat is
Hot, Hot
You know I keep a chrome, under seats and in the home
Without speaking you'll give me your chain
I'm Da Vinci, don't make me draw ya pain
They call me 'Sco, short for Rosco P. Coldchain
Hey 'Rell this beat is

[Verse 1: Pusha T]
It go hot waist - Desert taste
Four pounds of metal, triangle face
Hesi-tate - never, I'll put hole in whoever
Don't make Push' Russian Roulette ya
Gamble wit' ya life
Change came from cocaine I've measured
White was the treasure, comfort was the steel
I pedal to the corner like a child on a big wheel
Flow more sicker, so much shake in the street
They measure my weight in Richter
Make no mistake, I rhyme for the public
But still I push weight that make the ghetto's quake
By all means I've seen I've lived
By 22 years old, 50 thousand dollar vehicles I rimmed
My dreams start over the stove
I ran over the globe and back again


[Verse 2: Rosco P. Coldchain]
Y'all niggas really ain't got a pot to piss in
Or a window to throw it out of
I'm filthy but you better believe I got over a stack in my pocket though
Iceberg on the seams of jeans? No!
I'm a Dickies and Timbs man, I'm not no Benz man
Delta '88 on rims man, wit' mirror tint
And four of my most militant men whose trying to stay sucka free
That's why they hang around me, cause I ain't print
Left em for diamonds and pearls, I'm not no bitch
I choose a mack before that attached 100 shot clip
I scare the shit outta bank tellers so I can become rich
That's how I make my living, I give em encouragement, "you're doing great!"
Keep chillin while I'm flashing the Glock in their face
I show em I can be appreciative, I tell em thanks for giving I'm sinning!
But the Lord knows I have three children
Now I'm somewhere in Utah relaxing to Jazz with a broad
Quarter mill in a stash, avoiding the law from far


[Verse 3: Boobonic]
I'm starting wit the man in the mirror
Mask need to make that change
That real doe, that point something paper
Like a on a Range, new shit
Look 'Bonic really been through shit
Pay close attention when Boo' spit
Uh, lack 'a that'll get you hit
And don't care who you'll come back through with, been around
Nigga front like he want his car spun around
Window drop block pop spin around
Niggas stand up looking for 'em sit em down
And ya see 'em laid out
That's why when I was young I stayed out
And plus being pussy ya niggas is played out
I made means to get that cream
We all playas all they say is how you get that team


[Pharrell Williams]
Lord I've seen so many things
That make me wonder why
But if the Federalis comes to take my life
Just give me the wings to fly
And I'll say, to myself, yeah
What a wonderful..

[Rosco P. Coldchain]
Well well well, why don't you you roll your window down
I want you to see this

[Hook: Pharrell Williams]
[PW:] When a nigga is delinquent with cash in hand
Even if it's just a couple of grams
Nigga do what I do, nigga drop that motherfucker
Pop that motherfucker!

[Verse: Rosco P. Coldchain]
I done squeezed more guns than Charleton Heston
And if you niggas mouths persist to run on, I'm a continue to step on
Every limb on, every inch of yo body
You better hope the outlaw better never go broke
You fuck around you be the one being smacked around wit a gun
No joke slick, I'll shoot your papa and tie your mama up
Whoop out an eight and pull out a straight, bitch take a hit of this coke
Now, I advise you niggas to chill
My percentile rises in the battle field
Your gangsta rating declining when it's time to kill
You rewindin, is it Rosco's rhymes you feel?
Your eyes blinded, not from the ice but the light from my steel
Ya'll niggas never seen real bread
The Strongman type that buy car, brick
Home and bikes, all at the same time I haven't either
Basically what I'm saying I'll jam you, one Desert Eagle
Uhh, Coldchain Jack!


[Verse: Rosco P. Coldchain]
Why did the dickhead cross the road?
Man I hit 'em with a 12 gauge
And I didn't give him a chance to reload
That's what inexperienced gangstas get for playing a role
You hatin' on my dough?
Look now there goes an angel taking your soul
Fuck you, your fun, and your
I can push a renter, peel 'em wit guns and still be the shit
It'll be nice to be rich, but I'd rather be well off
A half a pile raw, house in Conshohocken
In a rimmed Impala I roll with thugs and thieves
Not the petty kind but the ones that'll make you get on your knees
And persuade you with their thundering pound
To give up your valuables or they gunning you down
I wanna leave the Pulitzer even though you cooperated
They still letting off rounds
Now in your own matter you drown
Greed and insanity drove me to start killing you clowns
41 caliber slugs stuck in your bladder now
Clipse, Rosco P. - we platinum bound

[Hook] (2x)

[Verse: Rosco P. Coldchain]
You niggas would love to see me gone
In a plastic bag ligaments torn
But bitch I pop more niggas than I pop Perkisets
Thump on you so hard I'll make it seem like
Even if you were strapped your hammer just ain't working right
Bullets coming in flurries, fiends coming in a hurry
At a quarter to four in the morning, knocking at my crackhouse door
Neighbors waking up yawning, secretly calling the police
Draw'n, and that fact I'm ignorin
Like I'm not running a 24-Hour drugstore
Like I ain't got enough guns to take on an armed force
Remmington will leave ya mind simmering
In a fine blood sauce when I'm pissed off
Which is all the time so you better get lost
I ain't got a fine line
These slugs will leave ya twitching like a schitz' and smoke his jaw
You dealing with a repeat feloner
If we can't see eye to eye, I'm a sea level ya
And I mean that, deado


Anyway I found this one blog who had the tape but only did trades. I don’t have one of these inventories at the ready so I just said I’d want to buy it and offered him $5. He countered with $30. I offered $20 and now it’s in my iTunes. Below is the cover, tracklist, and link (320 kbps). Off a quick glance I only see 3 exclusives - that first freestyle, the Glaciers of Ice freestyle (track 6) and the Sun Will Shine snippet. If you go to his MySpace you can hear another exclusive, a song he did with Denaun Porter called “My Own Way.”

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Rosco P. Coldchain Rosco P Coldchain Almost FamousRosco P. Coldchain Rosco P Coldchain Almost FamousRosco P. Coldchain Rosco P Coldchain Almost FamousRosco P. Coldchain Rosco P Coldchain Almost Famous