Soul throbs the soul throbs soul throbs

This is music as the heartbeat of the times. The show feels truest to itself when that sublime sound washes over us. Jamming through iconic songs like “Papa Was a Rollin’ Stone,” “Just My Imagination” and the title song is a study in the craft of the crooner.

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Supreme Surrender To all the spirits of Love that wander by Along his love-sown harvest-field of sleep My lady lies apparent; and the deep Calls to the deep; and no man sees but I. The bliss so long afar, at length so nigh, Rests there attained. Methinks proud Love must weep When Fate's control doth from his harvest reap The sacred hour for which the years did sigh. First touched, the hand now warm around my neck Taught memory long to mock desire: and lo! Across my breast the abandoned hair doth flow, Where one shorn tress long stirred the longing ache: And next the heart that trembled for its sake Lies the queen-heart in sovereign overthrow.

Making abstracts is a dry, prosaic calling, well we know,
Delving daily into records made a Century ago,
Tracing wearily the title from the Patent down to date
Through the maze of suits and transfers that obscure and complicate,
Yet for me there’s fascination in thus working in the past,
And on all the seeming drudgery there’s a kind of glamour cast,
For there’s poetry and romance running through the tangled chain,
And there’s written in the record much of human joy and pain.
For like Gibbon and McCauley, we’re historians in our way.
And in running through partition suits there plainly will be seen
In the squabbles of the children much that’s grasping, low and mean,
For in fighting for a dead men’s wealth the baser feelings breed-
Running through the chain of title there’s a deal of human greed.
And we bring to light transactions of a gone, forgotten day;
True, we only sketch the outline, but behind it all there lies
Quite a bit of human interest that our fancy well supplies.
And I love to let that fancy freely roam and weave a tale.
About every deed and mortgage, into each judicial sale;
For the records deal with pioneers and homestead farms and homes
And we garner many heart throbs from these dry and dusty tomes.
For in every grim foreclosure lurks a heartache, and we sense
In the bankruptcy assignment human misery intense;
There is a grief in every tax sale, and we seem to hear the wail
Of the widow and the children robbed of home by the sheriff’s sale.
Delving through the court proceedings we find interwoven there,
Couched in formal, legal lingo, much of sorrow, and despair,
And we live again through all the trials of folks of long ago-
Running through the chain of title there’s a deal of human woe.
The Estate files, torn and tattered-there’s a certain something there
That is sacred, and we handle them with reverence and care.
And they help us to determine how the owner’s life was spent.
For he often bares his soul in his last Will and Testament.
And in pouring o’er the records that pertain to real estate,
Setting forth the imperfections that impair and complicate,
Comes the thought of my soul’s record and the mess I’ve made of it,
And I long to change some things that the Recording Angel’s writ;
And I wonder, when the tangled chain is done, and I have died,
And the Abstract of my life is duly closed and certified,
And the Great Examiner scans each flaw and grave defect,
Will He waive those imperfections in my record – or reject.
(Author Unknown) Hubbard County Abstract Co., Inc. has served the needs of the Hubbard County area for more than 40 years. We are known for our honesty, integrity, and our years of experience in the title industry. We are privately owned and operated.
Hubbard County Abstract Co., Inc. is an agent for Old Republic National Title Insurance Company.
We serve Hubbard, Wadena, Becker and Ottertail Counties.
Our rates are competitive, our employees are helpful, courteous and experienced, and our product is one that we stand behind. We are committed to excellence. Our customer is our greatest asset.

Early 78-rpm singles on the Philo label used various colors, including silver and red (far left) and silver and maroon (near left). There was also a yellow label with purple where the silver is on the other labels. The Philo label also used a black and silver label (far left). When the changeover to the Aladdin label took place, Aladdin also used various color labels. A blue and silver label (near left) was used for many of the singles in the main A3000 series. The color blue varied from light blue to dark navy blue. Several color labels were used which noted they were part of the Jazz Series, including blue and silver (far left) and red and silver (near left). Maroon and silver (far left) was also used for the jazz series. A black and silver label, like the blue and silver, was used for the main A3000 series. The A2000 series of Spiritual releases used a black and silver label with "Spiritual" in the box above the center hole. Aladdin used a blue and silver label as one of the colors for 45s when they became available. Aladdin also used a red and silver label (far left) and a black and silver label (near left) for later 45s. Aladdin used several special sleeves for their singles. The above sleeve was used for 78s, and had advertisements for other singles on one side.

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1. HEY SAH-LO-NAY – Mickey Lee Lane
2. POLK SALAD ANNIE – Tony Joe White
3. (I LOVE HER SO MUCH) IT HURTS ME – The Majestics
4. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE – Bobby Hebb
5. OUR LOVE WILL GROW – The Showmen
7. HOPE WE HAVE – The Artistics
8. GREEN DOOR – Wynder
9. THERE WAS A TIME – Gene Chandler
11. GAME PLAYERS – Dooley Silverspoon
12. I NEED YOU – Shane Martin
13. YOU DON’T LOVE ME ANYMORE – Johnny Caswell
14. FREE FOR ALL (WINNER TAKES ALL) – Phillip Mitchell
16. BABY BOY – Fred Hughes
17. THEY’LL NEVER KNOW WHY – Freddie Chavez
18. SHOW ME – Joe Tex
19. COUNTRY ROAD – High Voltage
20. TIGHTROPE – Inez & Charlie Foxx
21. FOLLOW YOUR HEART – Bunny Sigler
23. GET IT BABY – Stanley Mitchell
24. MR. CREATOR – The Apollas
25. THE NIGHT – Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons

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Soul Throbs The Soul Throbs Soul ThrobsSoul Throbs The Soul Throbs Soul ThrobsSoul Throbs The Soul Throbs Soul ThrobsSoul Throbs The Soul Throbs Soul Throbs