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1640s, first used in English by physician Sir Thomas Browne (1605-1682), apparently coined as Modern Latin electricus (literally "resembling amber") by English physicist William Gilbert (1540-1603) in treatise "De Magnete" (1600), from Latin electrum "amber," from Greek elektron "amber" (Homer, Hesiod, Herodotus), also "pale gold" (a compound of 1 part silver to 4 of gold); of unknown origin.

Originally the word described substances which, like amber, attract other substances when rubbed. Meaning "charged with electricity" is from 1670s; the physical force so called because it first was generated by rubbing amber. In many modern instances, the word is short for electrical . Figurative sense is attested by 1793. Electric toothbrush first recorded 1936; electric typewriter 1958.

The Senate panel's top Democrat, Mark Warner of Virginia, said this month social media companies didn't initially take the threat of Russian interference seriously enough.

The system can handle parallel parking, according to the firm, and can deal with up to seven-point turns. Drivers can also use dashboard controls to make adjustments to the parking spot in advance if they feel it is necessary.

As for Landau's side ... his manager says the fight was sparked when the singer came home and found his home trashed -- he claims by the girlfriend. He says she destroyed the house with a golf club ... then attacked him with the club and a knife. He claims he was only defending himself, and apologized for the incident. 

 · A revamped version of the Leaf goes about 50% further than before and offers one-pedal driving.

Some areas of Australia still do not have reliable mobile data coverage, and many people cannot afford data plans for their phones.

The Electric Mayhem as we know it first appeared in 1975 on the Muppet Show pilot Sex and Violence . A page of ideas for the show written by Jim describes the band this way: "Rock act - far-out, elaborate weird equipment, big amps...". ”

I've interviewed Cathy Kezelman​ a number of times, during her time as head of the Adults Surviving Child Abuse and this week as president of Blue Knot. A few years back, she braved the John Laws show to explain to the radio presenter that he must rethink the way he talked about child sexual abuse. It's a testament to her knowledge and the way she conducts herself around these complex issues that Laws saw the error of his ways. On Monday, I asked her about the domestic violence deaths report. She says around 85 to 90 per cent of those who present with mental health issues have been exposed to some kind of childhood trauma.

He earned $757,481 in salary and $80,985 in other compensation in 2015 according to NERC’s IRS form 990. NERC, which employs about 230, has a 2018 budget of almost $73 million.

Electric Violence Automaton EPElectric Violence Automaton EPElectric Violence Automaton EPElectric Violence Automaton EP