Jack shilkret's orchestra jack shilkret and his orchestra there's a small hotel / i can't escape from

Photographs of the Buidings of the Gennett Recording Company.
The Starr Piano Company, the first piano company west of the Alleghany Mountains, was founded in 1872 by James Starr. Henry Gennett joined the company in 1893. Starr entered the recording business in 1915. The records made beetween 1915 and 1918 were issued under the green and white "Starr" label. The name of the record label was changed from "Starr" to "Gennett" in 1918. The records were  made using the lateral cut process which was used also by  the "Victor Recording Company". A fascinating account of the legal proceedings between "Gennett", supported by "OKeh", "Vocalion" and "Compos", and "Victor", supported by "Columbia", is given in "Jelly Roll, Bix, and Hoagy. Gennett Studios and the Birth of Recorded Jazz" by Rick Kennedy, Indiana University Press, Bloomington, 1994. Fred Wiggins, the manager of the Starr Music Store in Chicago, is probaly the single most important individual in building the reputation of Gennett in the field of jazz. Among the jazz names that recorded for Gennett in the early days, we have King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band, The New Orleans Rhythm Kings,  Jelly Roll Morton, The Wolverines, The Happy Harmonists, The Bucktown Five, Bix and His Rhythm Jugglers, Hoagy Carmichael, Ladd's Black Aces (really, the Original Memphis Five), Bix and the Sioux City Six, Louis Armstrong and the Red Onion Jazz Babies.
Four images are available: Gennett View, Gennett Vertical , Gennett Street and Gennett Sign . The images are scans of the photographs taken in 1974 and 1975 by Frank Hagenbuch.  Photographs of the Starr Piano Factory. D. B.
All jazz fans, including Bixophiles, are aware of the crucial importance of the Gennett Recording Company. The first recordings (Fidgety Feet and Lazy Daddy) of the Wolverine Orchestra, with Bix, were made in the studios of the company in Richmond, Indiana, on February 18, 1924. Other jazz giants who made recordings in the Genett's studios in Richmond are The New Orleans Rhythm Kings, King Oliver with his Creole Jazz Band (featuring Louis Armstrong), Jelly Roll Morton, and Hoagy Carmichael. In addition to Rick Kennedy's book cited in the previous entry, I would recommend the article in http:///  . Because of its importance in the recording of early jazz, the Gennett Recording Company has been referred to as "The Cradle of Recorded Jazz". The Gennett Recording Company was part of the Starr Piano Company. A non-profit organiztion, The Starr-Gennett Foundation,  is "dedicated to promoting the rich musical heritage of the Gennett Record Company and its parent Starr Piano Company in Richmond, Indiana." The home page for the Foundation is found at http:///   The Starr Piano Company began to make pianos in Richmond in 1878 and closed its operation in 1949. In its heyday, the Starr factories in Richmond spread over 35 acres and occupied 300,000 square buildings have been slowly deteriorating. In his book, Rick Kennedy writes, "By 1983, only a couple of abandoned structures remained, including a mammoth piano assembly building with a large fading Gennett Records sign painted on an outside wall." David "Bart" Bartholomew took some photographs of the old piano building (orignally built in the 19th century). Bart sent scans of  overall views of what was left of the old piano factory in the winter of 1985 and in the summer of 1986 .  A close-up of the sign (with Bart looking out the window) shows how faded the sign is. For a cleaner image of the sign, go to  http:///history/

In 1956 Peerce made a sensation in Moscow as a musical "cultural exchange" ambassador, being the first American to sing with the famed Bolshoi Opera . He remained on the roster of the Metropolitan until 1966, appearing again in 1966-1967. He also taught a master class. In 1971 he made his Broadway debut as Tevye in Fiddler on the Roof .

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Jack Shilkret's Orchestra Jack Shilkret And His Orchestra There's A Small Hotel / I Can't Escape From YouJack Shilkret's Orchestra Jack Shilkret And His Orchestra There's A Small Hotel / I Can't Escape From YouJack Shilkret's Orchestra Jack Shilkret And His Orchestra There's A Small Hotel / I Can't Escape From YouJack Shilkret's Orchestra Jack Shilkret And His Orchestra There's A Small Hotel / I Can't Escape From You