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The 767's fuselage width was set midway between that of the 707 and the 747 at feet ( m). [5] While it was narrower than previous wide-body designs, seven abreast seating with two aisles could be fitted, and the reduced width produced less aerodynamic drag. [9] [18] The fuselage was not wide enough to accommodate two standard LD3 wide-body unit load devices side-by-side, [22] [23] so a smaller container, the LD2, [24] was created specifically for the 767. [25] Using a conventional tail design also allowed the rear fuselage to be tapered over a shorter section, [18] providing for parallel aisles along the full length of the passenger cabin, and eliminating irregular seat rows toward the rear of the aircraft. [6] [18]

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B-26 Aircraft # 42-96037 crashes near Fontenelle, France after taking off from Dijon, France for a Local Test Hop. Aircraft was based with the 432nd Bomb Squadron, 17th Bomb Group at Dijon, France. Crew of 8 died in crash: Pilot 1st Lt. Richard C. Morton, Co-Pilot 1st Lt. William J. Cashen, Sgt. Dezz F. Ray, Sgt William C. Wood, Sgt. Reuben J. Tkachuk, PFC Mathew Reynolds, Sgt. George A. Beckett, Sgt. Denver Thompson.

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Los Zenith Colombiana / Para GinaLos Zenith Colombiana / Para GinaLos Zenith Colombiana / Para Gina