Nemesis - drop the bottom

He's since kicked the habit, and things have gotten better for him, obviously. But like all addicts, the "400lb orangutan that wants to kill me" on his back must be held at bay on a day-to-day, moment-to-moment basis. Hardy being driven to drugs, Wil Wheaton getting hate mail, thousands get bullied in school -- how long will we allow Star Trek to terrorize our youth?

After Cybertron's Core had been infected with Dark Energon, Soundwave was reassigned as head of Kaon 's prison, and watched over (., tortured) Zeta Prime in his spare time. Optimus , Bumblebee , Sideswipe and Air Raid led an Autobot breakout and battled Soundwave's minions Frenzy , Rumble and Laserbeak. Soundwave himself sustained heavy damage leaving the safety of his position to revive and retrieve each Minicon, showing uncharacteristic concern for other living beings. Eventually, defeated and critically damaged, Soundwave desperately attempted to restore himself by absorbing life force from Zeta's very own spark. His attempt to fully heal was halted by Optimus, who even took a shot from the Decepticon intended to finish off Prime. Although Soundwave and his minions fled, the damage had already been done and Zeta Prime expired moments later.

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Machine Pistols: Hyperion Reaper • S&S Thanatos • Vladof Vengeance

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I moaned a little sigh, burning across my rump felt like an electric shock. Once again, his stick is testing my bottom; it found a very hot stripe; tapped gently, seeking vulnerability, it is withdrawn and lashed against my exposed bottom. I groaned a low pitiful noise. I felt like a defenseless nail in the presence of an eager hammer. More sweat dripped from my face, and the silence in the room was loud. 1Whack1, my responses became louder, which only encourages them. My backside felt on fire, as if it hornets had stung it. A long delay preceded arrival of my fourth stroke; I was shocked, and did not quite know how to react other than to drop my jaw a couple of inches, and let light into my mouth and I expelled a loud, pained groan. This blow had intersected the previous wheals and had produced an area of acute pain to cover most of my rump. Excellent shot, sir. It was a familiar voice, that of the obsequious Goh. I felt a spike of nausea, and it was fortunate that I had not eaten since the previous evening. I felt my rump quivering involuntarily as he positioned his stick to maximize further damage. The cane landed with great velocity at a location that guaranteed most distress. I was now moaning and racked with pain, but the last stroke is always hardest, and since this was to be the last of his entire session, my ordeal was far from complete. The cane sought my bottom again; it was now target-rich , displaying clear bruising and swelling from previous strokes. Tap, tap and tap, a trajectory is decided. Whack. I remain satisfyingly quiet; air explodes from my lungs and I slump against the robust frame. Nausea is back and I gasp for air, sweat pouring freely from my face.

Nemesis - Drop The BottomNemesis - Drop The BottomNemesis - Drop The BottomNemesis - Drop The Bottom