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I’m as far as the felt pieces are cut for the circus train and I can’t wait to start on the mail – just sorted all my ribbons in preparation.

Store-bought chocolate repackaged in a homemade wrapper -- the underside of which reveals a handwritten love note -- tastes doubly delicious.

"Most movies when you're acting you're trying to block out the lights and the trailers. Here, you had to remind yourself you were making a film," he said. "Michelle and I found it hard to take off our wedding bands when it was over. We'd built this castle and then had to tear it down."

My girls wanted their patches sewn on their coats, so I used some embroidery floss and blanket stitched the patches down one arm.

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The following is a reprint of my Turkey Country Magazine column that answers questions concerning the tick-born allergy called ALPHA-GAL. I contracted this serious condition several years ago and was finally correctly diagnosed by Nashville-based allergy specialist, Dr. Keenan Smith. There have been cases of Alph-Gal recently found as far north as Michigan as well as a few cases in Europe.

Valentine died at the age of 76 on 2 December 2015 in Guildford , Surrey , [2] having suffered from Parkinson's disease for several years. He was survived by his wife, actress Susan Skipper . The couple married in 1982, having met on Raffles , and appearing together again in a television film of Ivor Novello 's show The Dancing Years (1976). [5]

We are a retail Quilt Shop in Cozad, Nebraska, that stocks 3000 bolts of 100% cotton fabrics, 108 colors of wool blend felt, a large variety of 100 percent wool, plus hundreds of books, patterns, notions, and plenty of inspiration for all your quilt and sewing needs.

So excited that you loved my little Valentine’s ornaments! Maybe I’ll make more to give to the children’s teachers!
~ Ashley

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